Roles Played by Barry Lee

Director of The Shop at Sly Corner (1973)
Director of The Happy Apple (1974)
Vicompte de Nanjac in An Ideal Husband (1974)
Director of The House on the Cliff (1975)
Jones in Thark (1977)
Director of The Sunshine Boys (1979)
Mr Manningham in Gaslight (1980)
Harry in Enter a Free Man (1981)
Dan in The Exorcism (1982)
Sergius in Arms and the Man (1983)
Director of There Goes the Bride (1983)
Edward Chamberlayne in The Cocktail Party (1986)
Director of The Entertainer (1987)
Peter Kroger in Pack of Lies (1987)
Father Bronte in Thunder (1988)
Heathcliff in Thunder (1988)
Wordsworth in Thunder (1988)
Director of Stepping Out (1989)
Sir Justin Holbrook in Shut Your Eyes and Think of England (1989)
Director of Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1991)
Director of Shadowlands (1993)
Director of Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell (1996)
Philip Larkin in Sweet Sorrow (1998)
Director of Oh What a Lovely War! (1999)
Director of Map of the Heart (1999)
Director of Our Song (2001)
Wilson in Terra Nova (2002)
Director of Peggy For You (2003)
Passerby in Funny Money (2004)
Director of The Mysterious Mr Love (2004)
Director of Sleuth (2006)
Set Design in Humble Boy (2008)
Director of Humble Boy (2008)
Director of Damages (2010)
Rev.Cecil Hodges in Messiah on the Frigidaire (2010)
Director of Woman in Mind (2011)
Dean Lancelot Andrewes in Anne Boleyn (2013)
Lights in Three Tall Women (2014)
Carter/Judge in Witness For The Prosecution (2015)
Director of Entertaining Angels (2015)
Stage Manager in Boeing Boeing (2016)
Director of The Ladykillers (2017)
Set Design in The Ladykillers (2017)

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