The following auditions are currently scheduled:

Our Man In Havana

by Graham Greene
directed by Jan Palmer Sayer

Playing Dates

Friday 17th to Saturday 25th November 2017
(8 performances)

Audition Dates

Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 8pm at The Little Theatre
Friday 30th June 2017 at 8pm at The Little Theatre

"You should dream more, Mr. Wormold. Reality in our century is not something to be faced." Graham Greene, Our Man in Havana


Cuba 1958. Meet Jim Wormwold – a hapless vacuum cleaner salesman who gets sucked in to a dirty world of espionage and double agents when the chance of helping out MI6 with a job or two proves too good an offer to resist. And, quite frankly, he could do with cash to pay for his teenage daughter’s increasingly expensive lifestyle.

Taken from a novel written by Graham Greene, it was first made into a film starring Alec Guinness (1959), then an opera (1963) and finally a stage play in 2007. Based on Greene’s own experience of working for MI6 on counter intelligence, the character of Wormold was based on a Spanish double agent who gave his German handlers disinformation by pretending to control a ring of agents all over England and getting his information from maps, guides and standard military references.

The play is a farcical stage recreation of Greene’s subversive novel. Like the similar stage version of The 39 Steps, it features just 4 fearless actors playing loads of roles in a couple of hours of fast-paced fun and thrilling action.

The dialogue is crisp, slick and fast; the characters – all of them are wonderfully drawn and I should imagine that actors will leap at the chance to play this sort of stuff. You probably need to have had a medical prior to rehearsals to make sure that you are in the peak of good health – it’s going to be pretty energetic.

"No thinking needed - it’s all just great silly nonsense." The Stage
"Uproariously jolly and splendidly inventive" The Guardian
"Hilarious farce choreographed to perfection" Calgary Herald

The Characters

(Wormold and Actors 2-3 are usually played by men; Actor 4 by a woman)

Actor 2 (Narrator; Hawthorne; Tourist 1; Sister; Pimp 1; Hasselbacher; Porter; Sergeant; Teresa; Sanchez; Carter; Waiter 2)
Actor 3 (Narrator; Lopes; Bank Teller; Tourist 2; Pimp 2; Rev. Mother; Liftman; Consular Official; Ethel. The Chief; Policeman; Segura; Waiter; Teresa’s Pimp; Drinks Waiter; The Queen)
Actor 4 (Narrator; Miss Jenkinson; Milly; Beatrice; Sanchez Woman; Air Hostess; Doorman; O’Toole; Stripper)

We also need a mariachi band!

We would welcome seeing you at one or other of the auditions, and I would also welcome knowing which you were planning to attend.

The play will be staged in a thrust arrangement. Although we may well have a read through before the summer break, rehearsals will start in earnest in September and will likely be three per week from the beginning. We do have some offers of help, but would welcome some more!

Books are available from Jan or Derek Palmer Sayer.

Jan Palmer Sayer 07768 431870
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